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York, PA, South Central Pennsylvania & Surrounding Areas


Family; it’s beautiful, messy and perfect all at once. There’s the belly laughs that you can’t help but to just thank God for, the moments of cuddles when we need it the most, the silly faces, the tackling hugs, the scrunched up noses and gentle kisses. There is so much more to a family than Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister. There is an unspoken connection and much like trying to describe a sunset you just can’t and the closest you get to it is a picture. 

"There is an unspoken connection and much like trying to describe a sunset you just can't and the closest you get to it is a picture."

Family is a beautiful whirlwind and before we know it our children have grown right before our eyes and we just have the memory of the mischievous smile they would give and those puppy dog eyes we just couldn’t help but to forgive. If you're anything like me you don't want to lose these memories. You want to grab onto every moment and never let it go. Let me capture your story so you can share beautiful unrivaled everyday moments forever.

The Experience


1. Before the session even begins we will spend some time just getting to know each other and what is about your family that just makes you light up that you never want to forget. 

2. Let's think about where do you want to display your pictures. We will discuss different areas of your house that you may want to display some pictures, what sizes would look awesome in that space and what colors and locations go with the decor you already have.

3. Wardrobe Assistance:  I want your style to shine through but in a classic way. You will have access to color and wardrobe ideas and we will chat about how to incorporate any sentimental pieces or pieces in your wardrobe you already have that you just love.

5. Let's have a magical time laughing, playing and embracing the connections you have with your family. We will spend up to an hour capturing all of your memories both your classic posed pictures as well as some candids.

4. Review your pictures and choose a Photo Package that suits your needs: I have some basic packages you can look at immediately even before booking but will also put together a custom package based on our conversations.  

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