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Hey There

If your anything like me you have been scrolling through a million different photographers looking for just the right style. Then when you find that style you want you are sitting there wondering will I get along with this photographer? I mean really, how much do I really know about this person? Well let's put your worries to rest and get to know each other. 


All About Me

Let's start with boring stuff.... I have been doing photography for over 10 years!

Wow,  I feel a little old now. Can we just pretend I didn't just show my age? Ha. But seriously, what it really all comes down to isn't just about the years but the experience and I'm not just talking about my experience behind the camera.  


Through out my time doing photography I started wanting to give my clients not just pretty photos but an experience that they could look back on and remember. As a wife and a mother I know it can sometimes be difficult to come up with new things that you can bond over as a family or as couple. It's hard to be able to break out of routine and make a core memory and when you do it is something worth remembering. I want to not only capture beautiful memories but encourage you to step out and dedicate time to each other and remember why life with the ones in your life is worth everything which is why I decided to start making photography experiences. 

So now you know why I do what I do but now you want to know "who am I personally?"

I'm not sure how one answers that in such a short space so let's see what I can do. I am a momma to one amazing kid (yes, I may be unapologetically biased). I come from a family of 6 kids and am now an aunt to 12 kiddos (you should see our family get togethers, let's just say I know what crazy looks like). I am also a wife to a loving supporting husband for going on 11 years. I could sit here and write a book about how each of these relationships has impacted my life, taught me lessons and has uniquely made me qualified to do what I do but I'd much rather chat with you.


SOOO go ahead and hit that contact button so we can get to know each other more. 

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