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Welcome Baby!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are the perfect way to document life with your precious babe so you can always remember those early baby cuddles and how they fit so perfectly in your arms. Let's also not forget how you just couldn't take your eyes off of them. 

These sessions take place at a very sentimental place: your home.  This is where memories started even when they were still in the womb and continued to be made from the moment you first brought them home. Many more memories will be made here so it makes for the absolute perfect backdrop to document life with your newest addition. 

When to Book:

recommended you book this session before your baby has even arrived but it can be booked shortly after they arrived based on availability. If you book before your baby arrives your due date will act as a space saver and once he/she makes their appearance we will set a time and date that works for everyone.  

How to Prepare:

The best way is prepare is declutter any part of your home you plan on taking photos in. The most common place for these photos is the nursery but have also had parents want to include other parts of their home such as the parents room, the living room or even a stairway.  

When do these Sessions Take Place:

What to Expect During the Session: 

These sessions usually take place with in the first month once baby arrives. The actual time of the session is somewhat flexible but typically I find that these session are most successful in the morning when your baby is the happiest and natural sunlight is flooding your home.

Plan on me being there for to 2 hours. These sessions don't typically take the full 2 hours but I like to make sure we can run on baby time if necessary. Durning this time we will take some photos of you interacting with your baby. Don't worry I will be there guiding you along the way. I will also take some photos of just your babe as well. 


A Little Something Extra for You:

At the end of each lifestyle session I like to include one posed wrapped baby portrait for you. I will supply a wrap, headbands when applicable and a bowl or basket that the baby will be placed in to give you a few posed individual baby photos.  

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